Amdega Conservatory Repairs


Amdega have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying bespoke timber conservatories and orangeries since 1874 - longer than any other conservatory company.

Amdega also supply garden rooms, work spaces and pool houses. Styles range from modern and contemporary to classic Georgian and Edwardian. The excellent quality of an Amdega living space is unrivalled and can add an amazing presence to any building or home. With such an important investment, it is important to maintain the structure and this is where can offer our services. We specialise in the refurbishment and repair of wooden Amdega conservatories and travel all around the UK doing so. Amdega is probably the most popular conservatory that we work on. Our staff have more than 20 years combined experience in restoring Amdega structures.

Modern Amdega conservatories are made from environmentally friendly materials. For example, the timber is sourced from managed resources. (Amdega were the first conservatory manufacturer to do so.) Amdega also use self cleaning glass with specific thermal properties and are tinted specially. At we have the knowledge and expertise required to replace damaged Amdega materials.

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